Secrets and Mysteries

From the pyramids to the great cathedrals, guilds and lodges of operative masons, (men who worked in stone) closely guarded the secrets of their craft.  Philosophical or speculative masons use the tools and lore of masonry as a metaphor to teach valuable lessons of manhood.
Speculative, or modern Freemasonry, arose at a time before the Enlightenment; a time of exciting scientific discovery and the incendiary ideas of self-determination and liberty. 
Freemasons discussed these and many other topics in the safety of their Lodges. For some, their very lives and livelihoods depended on the discretion of their brothers.  As Ancient Free Masons, we take the equivalent of blood oaths to guard the secrets of our ceremonies. This is not because they are dangerous and must be hidden, but as a matter of honor and a demonstration of our faithfulness to our brothers of the craft.  
"Sorry works when a mistake is made, but not when a trust is broken. Masons make mistakes, but never break a trust.  Forgiving and forgetting is easy, but forgiving and trusting again is sometimes impossible."