Greenville Masons Hall of Fame

Historically, Greenville County has always had men who were independent thinkers and Greenville Masons are no exception. Against the majority of the state in his time, Joel Poinsett advocated for preservation of the Union in the Nullification controversy over tariffs.  In the lead up to the Civil War, the leaders of Greenville County, many of whom were masons, opposed leaving the Union and only after great pressure for solidarity from the rest of the state, signed the Articles of Secession in 1860.  Despite their opposition to the war, over 2000 men of Greenville County answered the call to defend South Carolina.  Perhaps the greatest of these men were the famed Butler Guards which came to be led by a future Master of Recovery Lodge.  Another Greenville Mason's heroic sacrifice during the Cuban Missile Crisis saved the lives of millions. Other Masons of Greenville, while not achieving any great fame, quietly served Masonry and Community with great distinction  bringing honor to the craft.


Here are the stories of some great Greenville Masons.